Bipolar Symptoms In Men

Bipolar disorder, also known as mood disorder or manic depression, is a psychological condition that consists of a certain set of extreme ‘mood swing’ patterns, affecting a person deeply by disrupting their lifestyle and health , characterized through recurrent episodes of extreme high or exuberant mood or mania and deep sorrow or depression. A research points out that around 6 million people suffer from bipolar disorder in United States and that goes for 2 percent of the male population, and 1.4 percent of the children population, which is an alarming statistic and a cause for concern. It is thereby very important to be aware about the causes of bipolar disorder, along with bipolar symptoms in men.

What causes you to feel “high” and “low”

People suffering from bipolar disorder experience persistent periods of elevated moods (also known as mania or hypomania) and bouts of extreme sadness (known as depression) in varying frequency. A small percentage of people experience only the sudden high moods. A larger percentage suffers from the lows and the depression. Most people suffering from bipolar disorder experience both the highs and lows, and often these two moods follow each other closely, offering a very mixed scenario. Each person suffering from bipolar disorder experiences a distinct and unique set of mood swing patterns, and hence it is very important to select the right psychologist or therapist with good experience, as every new case is new challenge in terms of the behavior pattern of the patient.

The behavior and mood swing patterns in a male suffering from bipolar disorder are very confusing and are hence perceived wrongly  as a flaw in character or inflated ego by people around them, and thus the timely diagnosis of bipolar disorder is often delayed, affecting the sufferer even more. It is very important for one to be aware of the bipolar symptoms in men, so that those who are found to be suffering from this condition can be subjected to treatment as early as possible.

Why Problems Vary

The bipolar symptoms in men vary for the two stages – namely mania and depression. In the manic feeling or highs a person might feel over confident and full of energy, over-exuberant and irritable over issues of difference with others. At such times, people going through mania stage tend to talk rapidly and loudly, with no response to the social cues in a conversation, eat and sleep less, perform a lot of activities at the same time , leave them half finished, and indulge in reckless activities like reckless driving, going often on a spending spree etc. On the other hand, when the depression stage sets in, the same person might find his or her spirits diminished, energy sapped, and might indulge in over eating and excessive sleeping. People going through depressed stage tend to turn into social recluses, withdraw from friends and interactions with others, experience bodily pains and even suicidal tendencies in extreme cases.

It is extremely necessary for people around those suffering with bipolar disorder to observe the bipolar symptoms in men, and report the same in time to the nearest therapist so that appropriate treatment can begin for treating them.





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