Famous Bipolar People

Bipolar disorder or depressive disorder is a medical condition, wherein the person suffering from it experiences recurrent episodes of mood swings, ranging from elevated moods known as mania to extremely depressed and sad moods known as depression stage. The rate of recurrence for bipolar disorder is very high, and if left untreated for too long it can also result in death by suicide. Research says that though there is no permanent cure for this illness, constant therapy and motivation to the patient can bring him or her out of the vicious grip of this ailment. However, most bipolar people lack either the knowledge about their condition, or courage and motivation to face and fight the illness through proper medical supervision. Well, this article aims to inspire one to fight this condition by quoting the examples of famous bipolar people, and how their perseverance and courage made them great personalities.

Bipolar People In History

There are a number of famous bipolar people whose name can be seen all over in the records of history – from the most primeval to current contemporary times. Most of these people were gifted either with immense creativity or unmatched intellect, and their works are considered to be some of the greatest gifts to mankind. Several idealists in the history like Alexander The Great, Napoleon, Hitler etc were strongly believed to be bipolar, who intended to conquer the world in order to spread their ideology and to fulfill their mission. Another such great visionary, who is also one of the famous bipolar people known to the world was Sir Winston Churchill, whose literary campaigns and magnificent oratory stirred a revolution amidst the like-minded realists.

Sir Isaac Newton

Some of the most renowned scientist and philosophers also count amongst famous bipolar people. Sir Isaac Newton, to whom we mortals are eternally indebted for several significant discoveries and inventions, was a famous bipolar. The great Greek philosophers – Socrates, Aristotle and Plato, whose line of thinking paved path for a new wave of philosophy and metaphysics, were widely believed to be suffering from the condition we know of as Bipolar Disorder.

How Bipolar People Changed the World

The field of creative pursuits is not left behind either, when it comes to famous bipolar people. Whether it be the great writers or artists – several famous people managed to make a gigantic impression on the world and left their marks on the minds and hearts of millions of people through the literature and artwork produced by them. The renowned poets like Keats, Shelby and Lord Byron, whose works are studied and researched by thousands today, were considered to be bipolar.  When you look at the architecture or sculpting works by Michelangelo, you are actually witnessing the masterpieces created by one of the famous bipolar people. The impressionists and inventors like Van Gogh and Picasso were believed to be bipolar, too.

While on the subject of famous bipolar people, how can one forget the artist and star-icon – Marilyn Monroe, who stole the hearts of thousands of men with her portrayed brilliant roles and sultry looks while being bipolar? Or the famous Jim Carrey and Robin Williams – the comic geniuses, for that matter!


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